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ORC week 3- French Guest Room- The One About the Molding

Updated: May 31, 2021


I can’t believe we already rapped week 3 of the one room challenge...and to be honest I’m pretty impressed with our progress so far!

We have put in quite a few late nights trying to finish parts of the this project so we could relax on vacation next week without having to worry about falling behind! So this weeks update is all about molding! I want to be completely transparent with you guys, when i haven’t made a decisive decision I tend to procrastinate...which in this case was what us to the molding debacle of 2021! Ahah

For the last few weeks i was debating on the profile of the wall molding for the guest room. I was torn on if I should use the same molding we have in the dining room, or a version that has less of a projection with the profile of the molding, or a completely different style! Ultimatel, two weeks ago i opted to pull the trigger on the molding we used on the first floor so the house had a consistent flow.....but when i went to order the molding i noticed the price had increased by $3 per piece, which does not sound like much, but when you‘re ordering 300+ feet it really adds up! I tried to call Lowe’s customer service to see if they would honor the original price, but ultimately it was out of their hands, as the manufacturer actually increased their prices. And before you say “well duh ashley! the price of lumber has gone way up, thats why the price went up!” The molder on the first floor is all foam Not wood !

Any who, this lead me to check our local millwork to see what options they had, which honestly worked out perfectly! they had a molding profile that was very similar to the molding we had downstairs, but instead of foam it was primed pine! So i snagged that as well as a chair molding that matched (but did not project as far as the chair on the first floor—-which is a bit less formal and also better for bedrooms (when you are likely moving furniture closer to the walls in order to optimize the space)! The other benefit to using our local mill, was that we could just drive 15 minutes to pick up additional molding if we needed more, rather than waiting a week for it to come in! This allowed us to finish all of the upper boxes and chair molding for the room before we left!

So that covers the top half of the walls, but for the bottom box, i really wanted a look that flows with the molding on the first floor, and because the mill did not offer any really ornate detailed molding, and because we were going to be out of time for a week, I opted to use a foam molding from Lowes that is almost identical to the molding used on the first floor (but $5 less a piece).

I ordered this molding today so it should arrive right when we get back in town next week, and we will be able to install it when we get back from Florida next week! The timeline is kind of working out perfectly so far, let’s just keep our fingers crossed that this other molding gets to our house next Friday so we jump right into it next Saturday and wrap up in time to start on the fireplace the following week (Which is still in the mock up process as far molding decisions go ahah)!

Thank you for following along on our French guest Room, next week Ill likely reveal the paint we decided on for the room (because I’m starting to get tired of the black and white ahhaha)


Okay it’s time for me to flip over, but don’t forget to follow along with the other amazing designers participating in the one room challenge and to follow spackleandshine on Instagram for daily updates! =)

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Looks like you’re making great progress! Can’t wait to see the paint color you choose!

Jun 07, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much love! It’s coming along!! 💕

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