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One Room Challenge week 2 and 3 -Primary Bedroom Reno

So technically this week 3 of the one room challenge, but to be completely transparent with you this was the first full week we completed during the challenge (thanks to the stomach flu first week, and my birthday and niece's birthday were the second) so that brings us to week 3....

This week had a few highs and a few lows.,,,,

The highs: We finally put the upper box molding and chair rail up and on two of the walls and it already looks a million times better. I also made a decision on the layout and will be adding an ikea closet system to the unused corner but will be doing a diy hack to make it blend seamlessly with the rest of the space.

Another High: I finally made a decision on what I was going to do design wise inside of the box molding.....I have ordered countless wallpaper samples but nothing felt right...I wanted a unique room with a French chateau feel,...on Thursday I was watching a show on the BBC where they showed clips from Chateaus in Europe and I saw this room decorated in trellis...or treillage as they call it in France.

(credit to instagram and house beautiful )

I love the dimension and texture it adds to the also isn't something I've seen everywhere. I knew this was something that was going to be hard to get passed the old hubby buttttt I somehow convinced him to consider it.....

Now on to the Lows: Well upon convincing roberto this was a good idea...we promptly went to Lowes to find the garden trellis options we a little lack luster to say the least....our options were plastic (yuck no thank you) or the wooden trellis held together with staples and already half destroyed....this lack luster showing left rob leaning toward a hard no....and a slight "I told you so"

But being the stubborn Aries that I am...I am not ready to throw in the I am looking for secondary buying options....fingers crossed we can find something.....if not it will be back to the wallpaper drawing board.

Low number 2: I lost another set of perfect this feels like a cruel joke hahaa and let me tell you I am more stubborn and determined now to find a set.

I don't want to leave on a let's talk about next week's plan....We will finish up the upper boxes on the wall with the dresser, purchase and install the ikea pax closet, FIND NIGHTSTANDS aha and options for the trellis.

Wish me luck and let me know what you think...are you team treillage or team wallpaper? Let me know in the comment below. =)

Thank you Apartment Therapy for hosting this years one room challenge And make sure to check out the other great designers for this years event.

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Jamala Wallace
Jamala Wallace
Apr 25, 2022

I really like the lattice look!! Adds more character to the room and a frenchy look.. glad you were able to convince the hubs to

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