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ORC-Master Bedroom-Week 4:Sometimes you have to look Outside the Box

This Challenge has not fallen short with its line of obstacles... and this week was no exception.

While we wait on the molding for the lower boxes to come in, we decided to start on the built-in wardrobe, which we planned to utilize the ikea pax system for two of the boxes and then custom make an additional one to fill the space--and doing another ikea hack to jazz it up!

However, the ikea pax in the 14" Depth is sold out everywhere and doesn't look to be back in stock until the end of may at the earliest. In hindsight, I should have planned ahead and figured there would be supply chain issues but alas I did not and needed to come up with a plan B.

So after a few hours of research, I decided we could handle a completely custom built in wardrobe for this room (we were going to have to make custom pieces even with the ikea system so hey what's a few more steps right? haha

I am using the ikea system as a partial guide for how this will all come together. I've drawn a few rough sketches for the inside of the cabinet and plan to add two doors that will hang from above the baseboards up to the ceiling and be dressed in the same molding and baseboards that will be on the adjacent walls. I am also trying to convince Roberto to build a few drawers, but I have a feeling that will depend on how difficult the rest of the build goes.

The first step in the closet build, was to build a base. Living in a 100 year old home, I did not want to tear out any of the historic details so we had to build a base that was as tall as the current baseboards so the closet can rest above them.

We use a 2x8 board to create a box that fits perfectly in the alcove, but our baseboards are 10" tall (and although they make 2x10's, they were out of stock at our Lowes and I refused to have any more delay's so we opted with the 2x8's and added 2x4's to the top of the box to make up for the height difference. In addition to this, Rob had to notch out a space for the old gas line....and then we attached a 3/4" Maple Plywood top to create one very attractive box if I don't say so myself aha!

Tomorrow we will be starting the walls for the closet and attaching the beadboard backer. It's supposed to be our only sunny day this week, so hopefully we can get a good bit of our cuts done while things are dry. So wish us luck and check back in to see what obstacles we face this week aha

And make sure to check out the other amazing designers and their progress during this seasons One Room Challenge!

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