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ORC Week 5 - Master Bedroom - Closets, Closets, Closets

Welcome back to week to week 5 of the One Room challenge this week we have made quite a bit of progress and tried out hand at something new...cabinet making!

I am not going to lie we were a little nervous about this challenge, we have never made furniture before and knew this would require some quality youtube research and maybe a few new tools.

I wanted this wardrobe to feel like it was here for 100 years so we opted for real maple plywood and wood beadboard for the backer. I will share a full tutorial video once we finish the whole closet and give you a run down for everything that you will need, but let me tell you, it really hasn't been as hard as we thought it would be and its costing us less that an ikea pax ill call that a win!!

We started on the first door today but still need to hang it and finish the other side, so for now I'll leave you with a photo of the inside of the wardrobe.

This week we will be attaching the doors, baseboards, and right wall...then framing the wall in with drywall.

We will also finish up the molding for the bottom boxes and then finally getting some paint on the walls. Going to be a busy week so make sure to check back next week for new updates.

There are also some amazing other designers completing the orc so make sure to check out the blog.


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