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When Christmas Wishes Come True

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

My birthday was this past Sunday, and I had spent it in Miami at a bk charity event. During the event, one of my clients asked me what was the best gift I’ve ever been given, and a very large smile quickly took over my whole face.

Although this was not a birthday present, but rather a Christmas gift that I was given about two years ago, it is still the most thoughtful gift I have ever received.

To truly grasp how special this gift truly is, It is necessary to give you the a brief backstory. About four years ago, I was visiting Chicago for a technical conference and we stayed at the gorgeous Kimpton Hotel Allegro. This Art Deco inspired hotel transforms you back to an era of glamour and excess! The hotel showcases chandeliers, cobalt-blue sofas, and ethereal painted feathers on the ceiling of the private dining room. It is a must see and must stay for anyone who loves a one of a kind hotel experience.

Aside from the interesting architecture and Art Deco wallpaper this hotel has a unique statement piece that instantly made my heart flutter! “Lady Lucent of Awakening”

I have always enjoyed looking at unique Art pieces but collecting it was never high on my priority list. To be honest most of the art that I owned up until that time, was from HomeGoods or Kirkland’s, and what wasn’t we’re paintings I had done myself based off of ones I had seen in those stores... I had never felt compelled to spend hundreds - to thousands of dollars on art (partly because I was broke and living in an apartment).

But that immediately changed when I saw Lady Lucent...She captivated my soul and seemed to emulate the inner goddess I was looking to find within myself. I HAD TO HAVE HER!

Prior to my departure, I had taken a few photos of the painting with to show my mom and Rob---(my now husband but then boyfriend). I told them how much I loved this painting and how badly I wished I could have it....but being a broke 20-something left the chances of me owning her about as good as sallie mae getting its system hacked and wiping out student loan...

Flash forward to Christmas 2017, After having half our belongings destroyed by mice thanks to PODS (I'll leave that story for another day) and having the renovation experience from HELL (I think we were on contractor three at that point), Rob and I had finally moved into our new home just in time for Christmas. . It had been a rough year to say the least, and because of all the added expenses I did not expect anything big for Christmas, but Rob had other plans. He had gone above and beyond and managed to remember the painting that I dreamt of hanging in our first home. He had contacted the hotel in Chicago, who gave him the contact information for the artist who then agreed to create the first and only Lithograph of “Lady Lucent of Awakening”.

To say I was shocked, is an Understatement!

Unfortunately, I am still am hunting for just the right antique frame so she is still waiting to be officially hung...but I have made a goal to find her a frame before the summer is out, but for now here is a glimpse of my beautiful "Lady Lucent of Awakening" in her original home in the Hotel Allegro in Chicago

  • Image Credit: hotel Allegro

I would love to hear what was the best gift you have ever received or see your favorite piece of art you have hanging in your home! drop a comment and let me see the goods


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