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ORC Week 5- French Guest Room - Updates

This weeks post is not about anything specific but I wanted to give you an update on where we are at.

I'll be honest our timeline is starting to make me a bit nervous. We really started off strong with the first two weeks of this years One Room Challenge, we managed to prime the whole room, finish the molding for the top two boxes, add the chair rail, and get a coat of paint on the walls. Unfortunately, our project came to a bit of a slow because we went on vacation during week 4 and then experienced delays in our molding for the bottom boxes so we weren't able to start these boxes until they finally came in on Friday! On top of that, it was ten days of rain and gloom here in Pittsburgh, which led to me I having a minor freak out with the paint looking completely different on the walls then what I imagined, which led to me staring at the walls for far to many hours and ultimately slowed my progress on the paint.

I was torn on if I should return to the paint store and have the paint retinted (which would require me to have to repaint all of the walls and molding once again) or to press on and hope it was just my eyes playing tricks on me....

I decided on the latter (partly because I did not want to have to repaint all over again and after talking to two of my good friends I realized the color issue could be due to the sun being blocked by a giant brown armoire and my eyes playing tricks on me after staring at the wall for far too long.

Unfortunately, I do not really have any pretty pictures to share of our progress, I really need to think of more fun progress shots but its hard when its all black and white ahah but in the mean time here are a few photos of where we are at and a fun time-lapse videos of the bottom boxes being finished!

Next week i need to hurry up and finish painting the rest of the trim and final coat on the walls (I am hoping to have this done by Tuesday), start building the fireplace mantle, and lock down the fabric for the custom curtains and headboard...I think there will be some long nights this week to try and get back on track!

for anyone interested in the materials we used check out the links below or follow along with spackle and shine on Instagram I will have everything linked there!



And don’t forget to follow along with the other amazing designers participating in the one room challenge and to follow spackleandshine on Instagram for daily updates! =)


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