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ORC Week 7 - French Guestroom - Feeling the Fire

Well there is only one more week to go with the Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge and I am feeling the fire under our butts to try and get everything done in time (TBH I really wish this was a ten week challenge).

This week we focused on the fireplace place (finally), the goal is to create a French/European style mantle for a very narrow space.

We are using the current bump out (which is the stack for the fireplace below) and this stack is only 32" wide, so off the bat we knew a standard mantle would not work, but because we have such a narrow space to work with we really had to get creative with the measurements of the mantle so it did not look awkward.

So we decided to add a hearth to get the additional height, and plan to layer the mantle with molding to get the completed look.

I will write a full break down on how to create this fireplace in a separate post (once we add the molding and add the texture needed to create that European stone mantle) but for now here is a quick video showing you some of the initial steps.

I cant believe how great this mantle already looks but I can not wait to add the molding to give it that grander look!

In addition to the mantle we also shampooed my new antique rug (and dear god it was gross)! I rented a professional carpet cleaner from Home Depot and it was super easy to do and I definitely recommend this for anyone who buys an antique rug!

Last update, is on the custom fabric....I finalized the design with this amazing itsy shop and am impressed with how spot on it is to the original vintage French curtains! My only concern is that these curtains are not going to get here in time! I paid for expedited shipping but we will see how fast it will get here (fingers crossed it will be by Wednesday so I can sew the curtains and possibly upholster the bed but I'm not holding my breath at this point aha

And because I don't have enough last minute stress in my life, I also picked up an antique Louis XV style crystal chandelier that I'm hoping to hang in this room with a ceiling medallion so if you can't tell...we have a whole lot to do in the next seven days, and my plan is to run at 100MPH this week to get them all done, and pray to the shipping gods that this fabric gets here in time!!!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me ahaha


And don’t forget to follow along with the other amazing designers participating in the one room challenge and to follow spackleandshine on Instagram for daily updates! =)


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