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ORC Week 2 - The Vision After the Chaos

Wow these Weeks are just flying by, I can't believe we are already in week 2 of the spring one room challenge. This week was all about product sourcing and completing the architectural features that will turn this basement from a scary 80's dungeon to a chic speak easy bar/lounge.

I went with a box style millwork that is shown in many grand early 1900 home's.

This molding also hides some of the imperfections of the walls and assist with making the room feel larger. This space is slightly awkward so the molding helps to make it more interesting. Along with the molding we are adding what is my favorite feature in the home, my secret door. I have dreamt of having a secret door in my home since I was a little girl, and after a lot of youtube videos and googling we will be able to make this dream a reality.

I love seeing the progress and the difference the finished molding and paint is making in the room but I'm starting to feel the pressure to start sourcing the large sources for this room. With the pandemic my usual antique hunting and homegoods wondering to find the right pieces is put to a halt and I need to start hunting else where.

In place of an antique store, I am scouring the web to try and find a lot of the interesting details in the room, this may pose as a challenge for the large pieces but we will figure it out (I hope).

This is my vision...although a few modifications will need to be done along the way due to sourcing.

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