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ORC Fall 2021 Week 1- European Terrace

SO it's that time again, Better Homes and Garden's is hosting its annual One Room Challenge and I decided to take the opportunity to participate in my first fall challenge and work on a project that has been on our to do list for the last five years, our front porch.

This will most definitely be the first of what will be many stages for our exterior renovation goals.

The reoccurring theme of our current space, is flakey paint meets construction husband loves to call this space "our security system" because it is so hideous and down trotted no one could image the home inside would be worth breaking in to. As a reminder our home is 104 years old and the previous owners loved brown paint! The painted all the brass brown, all the trim brown, the wood railings brown, the wood tung and groove wood ceiling---brown, the concrete floors...brown (then red and then carpeted--yes carpet gross aha).

And let me tell you I am not a brown girl, I love a rich mahogany stain but brown thank you.

But let me get off my brown soapbox and tell you my plans to transform this brown mess into a European terrace. Originally I was thinking a Parisian Patio....but in order to stay true to the architecture of the house (which is most definitely a traditional craftsman) I decided an English country home vibe would be more fitting, which would allow me to combine the rich mahogany wood that is common for both craftsman homes and English cottages with beautiful stone and marble elements so without further adieu here is the design concept for our front porch.

Our Plan:

Stain and install new Tung and Groove ceiling

Add new wood crown and stain to match

Add trim around door and window

Paint concrete floor (or find marble tiles)

Replace and restore porch railing

Build day bed swing

Add an outlet (for café lights)

Replace front light

Add ceiling medallion

Pieces to purchase:

Find iron and marble table set

Stone pedestals and urns

The perfect French lantern

This project is going to be based around a whole lot of diy on a dime. Thank you for following along. would love to hear your thoughts on the plan! And make sure to check out all the other amazing participants #bhgorc

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Jamala Kim Wallace
Jamala Kim Wallace
Oct 12, 2021

I love the design board. It's going to be


Oct 11, 2021

Looks like a great project! Good luck

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