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ORC Fall 2021- Week 4 - European Terrace: Trick or Treat Yo’ Self

Hello hello welcome back….I can’t believe we are already halfway through the ORC and if I’m being honest we are far from being halfway done this project ahah

We have had company the last two weeks and because of that my attention was focused more on the interior and less on the porch. Normally I hate when my projects are delayed or the progress isn’t as far along as I’d like it to be, but this time I’m actually ok with the delay! We haven’t had many guests or events in our home since covid, so it was nice to see it filled and it gave me a much needed kick in the butt to finish more of the millions of half finished projects around the house...including adding some art on our naked basement walls!

To be completely transparent, the only only thing I did this week to the front porch, was hang a few decorations for Halloween, and you know what I am okay with that (treat yourself)! This was first time, I was actually excited to decorate our porch. The first time, I was not ashamed of someone looking up and noticing the chippy ceiling and so I opted to celebrate that and draw your eyes (away from our hideous porch railing and floor) up to our gorgeous new ceiling. So I extended my indoor decorations out, and hung some fun witch hats from the ceiling (which is a super easy and cheap diy if you need some last minute Halloween decorations!

All you need is some witches hats, fishing line, a sewing needle and thumb tacks! I simply used the fishing line and sewed it through the top of the witches hat leaving enough of the excess line to hang them by and then i tacked each hat to the ceiling by various lengths! I was tempted to also add some candle lights but the wind has been crazy here lately and I was worried they‘d smash into something (or force someone to experience a Marsha Brady smack to the face moment)!

haha any who this week we are getting back on task and are planning to visit my friends at Allegheny Millwork for some molding to go around the doors and windows and possibly some 2x3’s to make the X’s for my new porch railing!

It’s starting to get chilly so we need to get the show on the road and get this project done before the weather forces us back inside!



And don’t forget to follow along with the other amazing designers participating in the One room Challenge and to follow spackleandshine on Instagram for daily updates!


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