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One Room Challenge Spring 2021: Week 1 Parisian Guest Room


It's been a year since my last attempt at the Spring One Room Challenge, and to be completely transparent the basement space that I was hoping to complete last year, is still not done....Finding the right furniture pieces to work in our slightly awkward room layout has been a challenge but I have realized that it is better to wait and find the right pieces than to rush and buy mediocre ones that I do not love and having to replace them a few years later.

Which leads me back to the room for this years challenge. When we first purchased our home in 2017, it was very apparent that each room was going to need work, but with a short window to complete everything, we were forced to rush to complete them. The first room we checked off was the guest room, it seemed like the easiest space to update, and so I took to Pinterest found a room I thought I loved and copied the same color scheme, filled it with random pieces of furniture that I found at the RH outlet, random left overs from our apartment, and a tapestry that was in the print of this wallpaper I liked (but didn't want to pay $500 for---because I think that in the back of my mind I knew this space just wasn't me).

(Above you can see the original transformation of this room from when we purchased until when we finished the updates)

After the room was "done" I was happy to have the improvements but something about it just never felt right. As we started finishing some of the other rooms, the imperfections of the swapping some of the furniture, but I knew this room was just wrong and was going to need an overhaul in order to have it match my taste and flow with the rest of the house...which brings us to this years One Room Challenge.

The One Room Challenge is hosted by Better Homes and Garden twice a year and features talented designers and guest designers whom share the entire process of designing and renovating a room over an 8 week timeline. You can follow the other designers here


The Plan:

I plan to transform this room from suburban teenage girl to Parisian Palace ("Versailles taste on a Pittsburgh budget" is the continued theme in my home), so in order to achieve this we will be working on the following:

Our home is 104 years old and so it does not come without its challenges. We will be working with uneven ceilings, plaster walls, and a whole lot of asymmetrical spaces, so will be using every ounce of time we have over the next 8 weeks to finish this room in time, but hopefully we will be able to teach you guys some tips and tricks that you can use when working on your own house! Follow along with Spackle and shine on instagram stories, we will be sharing our daily challenges and DIY tips.


Click her here to check out all the other incredible participants! Also just wanted to take a moment to thank better homes and garden for hosting this wonderful challenge, without which I would have never been able to get my husband to agree to another room renovation! =)

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